Changing Education From the Ground Up w/ Sir Ken Robinson

My ultimate hero, Sir Ken Robinson, inspired this blog post – I am incredibly excited about attending the ASCD conference in March, where he will be one of the keynote speakers. I just finished watching a video of his in conjunction with the RSA, and would like to recap his message about the concept that education needs to change from the ground up, which btw, makes so much sense you have to wonder why hasn’t this hasn’t happened already.  

In this video Robinson delineates four important factors that contribute to the state of education:

·     Economic

·     Cultural

·     Social

·     Personal

The traditional classroom still exists from the industrialization model and we all know, that ain’t working! One of the most resonating themes that he repeats is the need to excite and engage students and the necessity to promote creativity, not stifle it. Sir Ken Robinson understands that in order to succeed in the future our students will need adaptability and creativeness more than any other attribute. They need teachers to teach and the staid conformity of today to shift to the celebration of different or diverse learners. He suggests that the government stop meddling and start modeling a new society. Where cultural participation of communities shift the present day system to a structure where educational leadership takes a stance. He refers to the need for this leadership to change the climate control in education from the ground up. One where children are the main focus of education, not the building codes, the syllabus, the testing regimes, the political ideologies and not the issues with the union.

My favorite comment from this video is that we don’t vilify doctors and expect better medicine, why are we doing this to education.

Also, check out his new book, Finding Your Element: How to Discover Your Talents and Passions and Transform Your Life, which is also based on sheer common sense. Pursue your passion. I am!