Help Children Go Above and Beyond


FableVision Learning is an educational publishing company with a BIG mission, they clearly aspire to help children go above and beyond. How in the world can I consider myself an educator on the cutting edge of tech, if this companies scope and depth has eluded me for years? This powerful video should be required for anyone involved with educating our youth, anywhere and in any capacity. This tale of how two students don’t follow the directions, have the confidence to go above and beyond, take a risk, work collaboratively understanding they each have different talents demonstrates a sobering reality that what is expected in most educational scenarios is conformity which stifles creativity and the results are lack-luster at best.

To get a better sense of what I’m referring to, please take a moment to watch Above and Beyond, a film created by Fablevision with the Partnership for 21st Century Skills:

A Company with a Vision & Mission

In 1996, FableVision’s founder, Peter H. Reynolds, had a vision: to create a “social change agency” to help move the world to a better place. FableVision is dedicated to helping ALL learners reach their full potential and to telling “stories that matter, stories that move.”

Mission Statement - We firmly believe that a well-educated student is not complete without less “test-able” skills, including the 4 Cs (plus 1): creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking — and compassion. We also believe in providing hands-on, meaningful, authentic learning experiences to help ALL learners realize their true potential.

A very special thanks to Greg Limperis for opening my eyes even wider! Congratulations on TECH in Edu